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Latroun Monastery Wines

Abbaye de Latroun
Vignobles des P.P. Trappistes
En Terre Sainte

History of the Latroun Monastery

The Trappists are Cistercian monks, belonging to the great monastic family of St. Benedict, of which it is a “reformed” branch.
       The order had its origin in the twelfth century with the founding of Citeaux, the first monastery of our order established in Bourgogne, whose daughter houses and influence soon extended throughout Europe, thanks to the extraordinary spiritual gifts of St. Bernard (1090—1153). More...

Dry Red Wines

Dry White Wines

Semi-Dry Wines:

Sweet Wines:


1001 Brandy (Special Reserve – V.S.O.P.)     $47.40
1003 Garlic Herb Vinegar   $16.40



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